Empathy Isn’t Served Here!

As my boyfriend and I entered a local fast food restaurant I noticed a girl sitting at the back corner making a big deal of covering her nose. From the outside looking in, I thought maybe she was suffering from a cold … the truth was far more disgusting. Not for what the truth held, but for the ridiculous reaction of the employees.

A manager approached an elderly and obviously homeless women whom was sitting in the middle of the restaurant. Apparently volume, tact, and empathy were not taught at McD’s managerial school! “Ma’am,” the manager shouted, “I’ve had several complaints about the smell coming from your body. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

The elderly women said she would and as she tried to gather herself her flip phone rang, she told the person she would have to call them back. I watched as she left, my heart breaking in a million pieces. What if she had been their mother or grandmother; how would they have handled it? Offer to buy her hygiene products? Take her into their home? Allow her to wash up at their home?

After the lady left an employee went through the entire restaurant spraying feminine body spray! Do we realize that allergic reactions are more likely to be triggered by perfume than by body odor??? Not to mention the very loud conversation being had in the kitchen long after the lady had left.

Oh, and the kid in the back corner making a big deal of covering her nose? She was not a paying customer, she had tons of candy, an MP3 player and some slime … AND, before the door even shut behind the elderly lady she uncovered her nose and took a deep breath. Really Ms. Drama Queen? If she smelled so bad, it would have taken a long time to clear the air after she left.

I’m destroyed by what I witnessed. It’s Mother’s Day! Maybe she’s not a mom, but maybe she is. It doesn’t matter! She has a heart beat, she deserves the same respect as all others. You don’t know her story, I don’t know her story, her story doesn’t matter … her story is that a little kindness and empathy can go a long way!