Ungifting the Gifts to my Children

As I watch my children stumbling through this crazy thing called life, it has occured to me that I have been a very poor role model. For that reason, I am ungifting the parent I have been, to become the parent that I should be.

I’ve lived my life with poor boundaries, causing pain that could have been avoided. I have experienced my fair share of atonement for my sins in this lifetime. I’ve also taken on karma that should have been meant for others sins. All of this has lead to mountains of wisdom about me and changes that I need to make.

So, here I am, robbing my children of who I was and begging them to watch me grow and see who I become between know and the end of my life. Please, don’t follow my past, but watch me become someone that I can love … and then build on that to make our pasts worth a hundred fold the wisdom we have gained.


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