Just Drifting through this life

Well, we left him and his sorry ass behind one month and two days ago. We have been in a shelter for exactly one month today. Still, we have no money for things like gas. In the month since we have left he sent us one $75 deposit to my debit card, and yesterday he sent $25 with the stipulation that it is for gas only, and he wants a receipt!

One hundred dollars in 30 days!? I don’t know anyone that can raise two children on that. Especially when I’m putting an average of 300 miles a day on my car to transport children to school, doctors, and extracurricular activities. He must think that I’m a financial wizard of sorts!

As part of Medicaid, in some instances, they will reimburse for mileage to doctors appointments, but not in our case, because we have primary insurance and it is up to them. So, I call them and explain what I need, no problem, they are going to send me  the forms to fill out. “Great, but I need to change my address first,” I told the representative.

“Oh, we can’t do that, he has to do that through his employer!”

“Okay, that isn’t going to work, there is a restraining order and he isn’t allowed to have my address.”

“Oh,” the lady said with a long pause, “I’m sorry, we can’t help you then.”

“So, you’re saying that you have no sort of deviation for a situation like mine?” I questioned.

“Well, I can change the address here, but once a week we get a file upload from the employer that will undo any changes that I make.”

“Wait,” now I’m angry, “so you’re telling me that I can receive the forms, fill them out, mail them in, and the address will automatically revert to his, so he will receive the check?”


So, here we are, AGAIN, I’m taking care of the children and he’s getting all of the money. Right now, I owe more money than Trump pays for his toupee! Well he is crying about how poor he is he only paid $100 in 30 days to raise two children … but no surprise, he had enough money to bond out when he got arrested … while his children wonder if they will ever again live in a permanent home.

He knew this was going to happen, knew that the doctor does not want me working until our daughter has overcome some medical struggles, and he did little to contribute to our children’s care. My guess is that he is real proud that he predicted my struggles and is seeing it happen before his eyes. A real parent, a loving parent, would be concerned with their children’s well-being, not in proving himself right in an effort to screw the other parent over.


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