Where are all of the good people?

Did you ever sit and wonder what has happened to our world? So many jaded by disrespect, lack of communication, and victimization; it seems there are no good people left.

So, my daughters and I are still in a shelter, with prayers to hear something soon about more permanent housing. Our food, toiletries, gas to get to appointments and school; all from donations of a kind and caring community. Then, there are our friends and family, so many doing things for us in what ever capacity they can.

When we first landed at the shelter the girls were talking about how all men are jerks. I took the time to explain that not everyone is like that, there are a few bad apples, but ultimately the world is good. Aside from the anger I still feel about being put in a place to make the difficult decisions that placed us here, I can feel love from everywhere.

So many have made efforts to help us; groceries, clothing, gas money, toiletries. All of these things come with something amazing, loving words. In some cases, the loving words are not attached to assistance, but it is those words that help us face each day.

“You have a strong mind, you can do this.” “You are a great mother, choosing your kids in this situation.” “You’re so much happier now.” “You’ve got this.” These are just a few of the things that others have told me, and that is worth so much.

If you are still wondering where all of the good people are … they are on my list of friends and family!


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