And the Spider goes SPLAT

As many saw from my post yesterday, my parenting abilities are being called into question by certain “loved” ones, okay, one, but it might as well be the whole entire world. Anyway, that post was my most viewed post yet, and was shared across Facebook many times. Awesome, I think as I worry what others really think of me and my parenting skills.

Then, my phone rings; my daughter attends school online, which is far different for her and more encompassing in her life and mine (as her Learning Coach). Well, based on my daughter’s teachers recommendations I was asked to be a parent to parent mentor. Heck yes, I’ll do that.

So, maybe my husband thinks that I need to stay with him to be a good parent, but my daughter’s school thinks that I am the “GO TO” parent!

Doubt me, call me into question, hurt me, tear me down, but my children are my priority and so it will remain!


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