And Down Came the Spider

So, for four or five years my marital relationship has been spiraling down hill. I brought this to my husband’s attention at which time I was informed that it has been longer than that. So, apparently he has been done far longer than I. I continued my conversation about the option of the children and I moving a mile down the road. His response is that I am free to go but the children are staying with him. I asked how he was going to get our daughter to her four or more appointments every week, plus extracurricular activities with his work schedule. “I’ll find someone to do that for me.”

Funny, we have known each other since 2001 and my parenting skills have never been questioned, but here I am, fighting to prove that the children should stay with me and spend parenting time with him. His reasoning is that I don’t have a job so I am unable to financially support the children. When I pointed out that I would have to be on assistance until our daughter is done with all of her medical needs he decided that I can’t take the children, because this is the only home they have ever known.

As I write this post I am reminded when I was working from May to October of last year. My daughters would often walk to my work to tell me that Dad was in the garage drinking beer and they didn’t have dinner. I would buy them dinner, and when I got home I would confront him to which his response was, “I wasn’t hungry.”

There is more, so much more, but I’m so trying to not bad mouth the father of my children. I just don’t understand how I’m not good enough to parent our children IF I leave. Yet, as long as I am here I’m a fine parent???


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