Watch “Broken Home” on YouTube

Today I was reading my Facebook Memories and I cried like an infant with a crappy diaper. Some of the memories talked about how supportive my family is, or shall I say was. Others talked about how bad I wanted to get my hands on a Blackberry (all the way back when they were the cool smartphone to have) I got one, and everyone was jealous, but what they didn’t see is that I got that on a Monday morning and all I really wanted was a hug by Saturday at noon. Even way back then, the signs of a doomed future were present, but I chalked it up to our fast-paced lifestyle.

Memories, of weekends away, to haunted bed and breakfasts with my husband, or even cozying up in a hotel room with no children … yeah, those things used to happen, but at what price?

My daughter often plays “Broken Home” by 5 Seconds of Summer and I too wonder, when did we lose this happiness?


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