It has come to my attention that some feel that I have a ridiculous request on GoFundMe, mostly because I’m “rich” according to their thoughts.

Without throwing around figures I’m going to state some facts:

  • All of my family currently have medical bills that must be paid
  • Utilities, let me remind you that we DO NOT have cable or satellite, despite living in a rural community where television is inaccessible without these.
  • Food, we have to eat on occasion!
  • Clothing, because it is illegal to run around naked.
  • Air fare 3 to 4 times a year to visit with my dad, because he is 89 and I don’t know how long I will have him, and flying is safer and cheaper when traveling alone.
  • I am currently not working, due to extensive medical appointments, unfortunately, my day only has 24 hours in it.

Now, please, I invite you to go check out my GoFundMe Campaign, where you will note my request is listed under “wishes and dreams.” Clearly, my request is not a necessity, because those are my responsibility. I am merely asking for you to assist me with a tool that will make my life far simpler. As a mom, my requests are few and far between, but when I do ask, it has nothing to do with finances as much as I’m worth it. Every once in a while it is imperative to do something for one’s self, to show that we care, because if we don’t care, who will!?!?

If you still find my request ridiculous, then don’t donate. If you can’t spare a buck or two, then don’t donate. If you feel strongly that I’m begging, then don’t donate. Don’t stifle my wishes and dreams along the way, because you know damn well that you have them too.


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