Thanks to a Generous Donation

So, my husband didn’t have a bird over my GoFundMe Campaign, in fact, he seemed somewhat supportive.

Thanks to a dear friend and his generous donation I only need $53 to meet my goal of $128 for a smart pen.

As I push this campaign many are asking “What is a smart pen?” Well, for a writer it is a must have tool, or a college student, or a to-do lister, or a human! The one that I use is a Livescribe Echo 2GB, and it records what you write so that you can upload it to your computer at a later time. With your handwriting uploaded you can then click a button and transcribe everything into typed text. It also records audio as you take notes, and stores a dictionary right in the pen! It is amazing, and I’m kind of having withdraws from missing mine as I attempt to take notes and write my sequel to “Gloria’s Secret.”

So, if you have a few dollars to spare, a donation would be beyond appreciated. I don’t think even I can come up with the words to thank my previous donor, let alone others that help to support my wish of an easier task of writing massive amounts of notes!


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