Home vs. Society

My daughter just brought a sarcastic viewpoint to the forefront of my mind. She sent me a photo that said:

“Don’t bring your kids around gay people, they might turn gay. Well, then I won’t take my kids around Starbucks because they might become a latte!”

When you analyze the above quote it really shows how skewed our vision of society and choices are. If we raise our sons to be gentlemen, than they will act like gentlemen, and our daughters will look for gentlemen in their courting opportunities.
Yes, along the way they will have plenty of decisions to make, and mistakes will be had, but having raised them right they will learn from these and grow to their finest potential.
Society does not define our children, we do not define our children; our children become who they are because we have raised them to be okay with who they are.
When raising your children spend more time looking at their hearts and less time judging society … we have enough people doing that already.


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