A Celebration of Me

This morning I came across this piece, written by me on January 25, 2014. I felt the need to share:

I am everywhere and no where at all,

I feel pleasure and sadness in every breath,

I see suffering and rising all at once,

I hear laughter and screaming at the same time,

I cherish the world and want to disappear,

I have survived the sinking ship of life,

I am someone well being no one too,

My dreams become reality as I breathe life,

I am on a sinking ship, yet I’m a champion swimmer,

My plane is crashing, yet my parachute deploys,

I have skied through an avalanche,

And fought through a burning soul,

I am all of that, yet nothing at all,

Seeking to be seen, while hiding behind a tree,,

I am she, just another stage of me.


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