Family History Revelation

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I always knew that my grandfather and his siblings owned a trucking company, and I thought that was cool enough. However, I never knew that they made their own moonshine, and my guess is that they ran said moonshine through the trucking company. Though I have no definitive evidence of this, I am doing some research.

What does this have to do with “Touching Heaven” or “Farting Rainbows?”

I come from a family of people that do what they need to do to survive, no matter what others might say. My guess is that they were told they couldn’t run ‘shine, so they did it to prove that they could. A family built on motivation and defying the odds, taking risks, and winning.

If I had to guess, where my motivation to defy the statistics of crazy, mixed up, and violent relationships comes from, my guess would be that my Leary genes made me strong willed, and willing to survive.

As I make my spiritual journey I am forced to look at my history; where did I come from, where am I going? In doing so, I must accept that there is a God, and a Heaven, and for that to be the case, my ancestors must be helping God in all of His glory to lead me through the crazy choices that I make.

In a way, my family beat the odds to survive, and I’m doing the same thing. Very few individuals understood those that ran ‘shine back in the day. Now, almost a hundred years later, I am trying to help you understand domestic violence. Along the way, both my ancestors and I are forging new ground, and growing to be the best that we can be.



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